SAPS IBU BAPA- Complete Information February 8, 2018

SAPS is a very smart and highly advanced online system developed by the Malaysian Ministry Of Education that analyzes the student data at the school. This online system is accessible to third parties like Ministry of Education, the State Education Department, the Regional Education Office and the school.

The use of this particular online system is highly beneficial for the parents and teachers both as they can easily check the school exams results of the students at the real time.

The best part of using this online system is that as a parent you won’t even have to visit the sRelated imagechool physically to check the result of your children as you can simply check it from the comfort of your home.

If you want to check the slip results and the scores of your children, you can simply do it by checking the SAPS Revision System.

Now you should know how to logging into the SAPS-

SAPS, the school exam analysis system is divided into two segments –

Parental use

Teachers use

All you need to do is select your use first.

It’s time to know how to login into the system as a teacher-

As a teacher you need to log into the official site of the SAPS ie, and now put the login id and the password and after clicking the LOGIN, all the pages will be displayed.

Now you should know how to log in as parents

Visit url ->


Through SAPS Parents of 2017, it is necessary to perform two search steps ie student search and school search.

Now you need to enter the student ID or birth certificate number of the student and click the search button. Now you need to select the state and select the school name from the school and press the check button.

As a parent if you find any sort of difficulties, you should definitely contact the class teacher of your children so that they can assist you in a best manner.

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