Is The Prescription Drug Addiction Epidemic Rooted In Other Failures? August 19, 2017

It’s hard to tell which came first – the inability to address life’s problems or the idea that drugs are actually a solution. One way or another, the medical profession and the general public seem to have accepted the fact that if we don’t feel the way we think we should, there’s a drug to fix it. As a result, we have a prescription drug addiction epidemic on our hands that, although it’s not killing us in droves the way a viral epidemic might do, is changing our society. Where did it start?

There are several contributing factors:Image result for Drug Treatment

Drugs in schools and the failure of the public school system to deal with the different levels of learning ability, interests, cultural backgrounds and needs of students. They do not know how to, and are not set up to, deal with kids as individuals. And as they are consistently under-funded, they’re not getting any better at it. The solution? Drug the kids who don’t fit into the mold. In some states it’s even still legal to insist that the kids take drugs regardless of the wishes of the parents. Archaic. And the kids taking these mood-altering drugs are set up for prescription drug addiction early in life.

The abject failure of psychiatry: It’s been around for a long time as the alleged branch of medicine that was the standard ‘treatment’ for mental and emotional problems. But obviously it doesn’t work – why else would the therapies they used to use have been replaced by drugs that merely mask the symptoms? It’s like going to your doctor because your legs hurt from blocked arteries when you go for a walk and all your doctor does is give you painkillers. Millions of people are taking drugs to feel better about their lives instead of addressing their problems – and they’re suffering from a lot of side effects that often require yet another drug, and many have developed a prescription addiction treatment California.

The marketing of drugs directly to consumers. Although this practice is banned in many other countries, it’s been legal in the U.S. for about 10 years. It’s the equivalent of giving a two-year-old, who still puts everything in his mouth, a delicate toy constructed with hundreds of little tiny parts that will invariably end up in his body. Unfortunately, the marketing works: People ask their doctor if X drug is right for them, just like the TV ads tell them to, and the doctors, who medical schools have failed to educate on drugs and prescription drug addiction, give them the drugs.

If you’ve ever wondered why things in this country are such a mess, just imagine a country where much of the population is drugged – what kind of citizens would they be? Who would they elect, if they vote at all? What would influence them? How easy would it be for them to really understand life? One night of drinking alcohol impairs abstract thinking for a month. What is taking mind-altering drugs every day doing to us?

Prescription drug addiction, which is the condition we’re suffering from when we take drugs every day to feel better, is not the answer. Those who would like to address their prescription drug addiction and get their lives back under lives back under their own control should consider a drug addiction treatment center. A good program will get them off the drugs and help them find other, less damaging solutions to their problems.

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